Earning Mechanisms

Elementies will provide multiple ways for players to play, earn, and enjoy the game. Some players may focus on PvP battling, whereas others prefer sticking to PvE, breeding, crafting items, and cave improvement.
Players can build a team of 3 Elementies for PvP battling. Due to its skill-based battle system, our game is a good fit for competitive play and Esports enthusiasts. We believe this is a critical aspect for future growth. We foresee large tournaments where teams and individual players battle each other to win rewards from the Game treasury.
Ways to earn rewards in Elementies ($USDT/USDC, $ELM):
• Breed Elementies and sell them on the Marketplace ($USDC)
• Craft Items and scrolls and sell them on the Marketplace ($USDC)
• Trade your assets on the Marketplace ($USDC)
• Battle against other players in the Arena and Tournaments ($ELM)
• Stake your $ELM tokens ($ELM)
• Use the referral system ($ELM)
• Complete in-game quests ($ELM)
• Participate in events and earn rewards from the Game Treasury ($ELM)
• Exchange surplus Breeding Potion for ($ELM)