What is the Elementies game?

Elementies is a Pokémon-inspired, play-to-earn game universe that uses the Solana blockchain. The game will be available on PC, macOS, Android, and iOS. The game’s main characters are Elementies, NFT tokens used in-game. Players will gain rewards in the form of $ELM and $BRP tokens by winning battles in various PvE and PvP game modes and participating in events.
Gameplay will require the use of complex tactics and strategies to win battles and breed the best Elementies. We will create a game that is both engaging and challenging, introducing new content every month in order to keep gameplay fresh and exciting.
We are focused on web 3.0, and we have created a player-owned creator economy where all Elementies and other in-game items live on the blockchain. This allows players to have full control of their assets and can sell or trade them at any time. In order to add liquidity to the economy, we will host monthly tournaments using a 5% marketplace fee and other in-game fees (minting, secondary market royalties, merchandise sales, etc.) as the prize pool.
Immerse in a unique and fascinating world filled with funny creatures called “Elementies.” These creatures live in a parallel dimension on Fuzzi Mountain and work to maintain harmony and well-being throughout the entire universe.