Elementies White paper

Elementies (menties)

Elementies are the game’s main characters. You can breed them, battle with other players, mobs and bosses, and raise them in their caves near the Fuzzy Mountain - all these activities allow you to earn $ELM, $BRP, and other in-game resources. Each Elementie can be used in different game modes, and each has unique traits that determine its skills and characteristics.
Menties have six customizable body parts: horns, eyes, mouths, ears, tails, and bodies.
Every body part gives one ability card. Body parts will determine your character’s stats. Key stats are Health and Attack (we plan to add more stats with updates).
Health - increases the amount of damage your Elementie can take before leaving a battle, and the durability of shields in combat. Attack - increases damage and healing in combat. Menties also have secondary parameters. They are Morale, the chance to do critical damage, and Resistance to damage of some class.
Every body part has its own rarity ranking: common, uncommon, rare, super rare, legendary and mythic. The higher the rarity of a body part, the more health and attack it gives.