In 2022 Blockchain gaming is catalyzing the establishment of the virtual hubs that will host this new digital ecosystem. We are heading towards a paradigm shift in how we form communities, create, play, trade, and socialize in the gaming world.
The problem with the NFT games today is that most people are only hyped on the idea that owning an "NFT" will make them money; people are sold on the idea that they can buy something for a fraction of what they will be able to sell it for in a few days or months. But the demand that drives these price increases is only being met by a consistent inflow of new buyers, who themselves join thinking that they will be able to replicate the profits of other, previous NFT holders - the whole structure is similar to that of a classic pyramid scheme.
The NFT game industry is in its embryonic stage, and many things need to improve for this market to find stable ground.
We are building another way.
We are focused on making sure our game meets several important criteria. It should have interesting, engaging gameplay and features, and people should be able to earn while playing. We aim to foster an interactive environment where players own their assets and can create, play, and enjoy rewards.
Let us introduce you to the Elementies Universe.