What is the Elementies game?

Elementies Universe is a free-to-own skill-based eSports-focused cards battle game where players fight each other for the control of mountain Fuzzy and earn various assets that can be swapped via in-game DEX for the $ELM token.
Elementies is an ecosystem of products connected with the same lore and cross-game assets focused on tournaments earning and endless open-world possibilities.
We are creating a sustainable virtual environment with a "healthy" economy and a variety of games that will be interesting both for classic gamers and Web 3.0 users.
Gameplay will require the use of complex tactics and strategies to win battles and breed the best Elementies. We will create a game that is both engaging and challenging, introducing new content every month to keep gameplay fresh and exciting.
We are focused on web 3.0 and have created a player-owned creator economy where all Elementies and other in-game items live on the blockchain. This lets players control their assets and can sell or trade them anytime. To add liquidity to the economy, we will host monthly tournaments using a 5% marketplace fee and other in-game fees (minting, secondary market royalties, merchandise sales, etc.) as the prize pool.
Immerse in a unique and fascinating world filled with funny creatures called "Elementies." These creatures live in a parallel dimension on Fuzzy Mountain and work to maintain harmony and well-being throughout the entire universe.