Key Features

PvP and PvE modes
Battle against other players, participate in events and competitions alone or with friends and earn rewards for $ELM tokens. Gain victories in the Adventure, Arena, Trials, Tower, and Tournaments and plunder other players' lands. Join a guild and participate in Guild Raids and guild competitions.
Summon a new class to have Elementie with increased characteristics, unique skills, and bonuses. Three Elementies of specific classes can summon an Elementie of the middle (Matter, Space, Infinity) or superior (Spirit) class.
Breeding Collect $ELM and Breeding Potion through battles and other in-game activities. Use it and your two Elementies to breed a new Elementie with unique traits.
Increase your Elementie's value by burning weak or unused characters to strengthen the others. At the same time, other menties become much stronger, and their value in the market increases.
Items and scrolls You can craft items and scrolls for strengthening your menties. Use scrolls to customize your cards and discover surprising builds. Items and scrolls can be both NFT and off-chain.
Find a home for your Elementies. You will be able to have a cave near Fuzzi Mountain, where your little creatures can receive additional bonuses from totems and buildings. You can mine resources in your cave. A solid defensive team would be nice because other players can attack and loot your cave.
Join events to compete against other players for rewards by participating in in-game PvE and PvP tournaments. Events will appear in the game and change every week.
Marketplace & Fund
Trade your Elementies, lands, scrolls, and other items with global players on the Marketplace, or utilize those assets within the Elementies ecosystem. A five percent marketplace fee is going to the Game treasury.
DAO governance
NFT holders can stake their $ELM tokens, participate in governance voting, and receive other potential rewards. DAO members will join raffles and competitions to receive extra rewards from the Game Treasury.