Elementies White paper


The in-game economy is supported by our utility token, $BRP (breeding potion). By playing the game, users will receive $BRP as a reward for various tasks, including achieving victories in PvP and PvE adventure mode and completing quests and boss raids. Moreover, $BRP will be used to upgrade your cave and skills, craft consumables, and purchase items.
We do not sell $BRP to players directly. Once you earn them, you can sync them to your Phantom or Solfrale wallet.
$BRP can be earned through gameplay, traded among players, or bought via DEX.
$ELM is a governance token used at each level of governance, representing financial stake in the game, voting power in the DAOs where it is staked, and control of the Treasury. It has a fixed supply. ELM holders will be able to claim rewards if they stake their tokens, play the game, and participate in key governance votes. Players will also be able to earn $ELM when they play various special events.
The first 4,000 Elementies NFTs generated will be permanently considered Gen1; they will be the rarest Elementies NFTs. After their public sale, $ELM tokens will be airdropped to Elementies NFT holders as a bonus for early support. Holders also will have access to VIP events such as pre-launch breeding, beta gameplay, and much more.
We want to decentralize the governance of Elementies and, in doing so, create the first game that is truly owned and operated by its community. The game will become fully decentralized via a step-by-step process, where new features and updates are implemented gradually.
Players will receive rewards from the Treasury, which is controlled by the DAO governance. To have a voting right in DAO, you will need to stake your $ELM tokens.
The Treasury receives inflows from: 2.5% of all Elementies NFT marketplace transactions More streams will be added in the future - these will include Fuzzy lands sales, tournaments fees, item sales, and more, as new opportunities present themselves.